The natural properties of the stone, the stillness and coldness, turn into shapes and colours; the natural beauty of the materials change in its dimensions and veins according to the customers desires and wishes.
This is the Flomar Stone’s vision.

The company was formed in 2007, off the back of forty-years experience of the Florian family in the sector, and it tries to understand and adhere to every requirement, need and wish imaginable.

All processing procedures are performed by modern cnc machines that guarantee the highest quality level of any single product. Analysis and regular checks are run in order to obtain the flawless perfection of every product, and allow us to work with the best furniture companies around.

Flomar Stone s.r.l is always searching for more and more innovative materials. The company is supported both by technical staff able to realise personalised custom projects and a team of layers able to give “soul”  to our shapes.

Anything that can improve our company makes us curious, and that is why we are always motivated to carry out tests and to make prototypes that can enrich our professional understanding.

Flomar Stone s.r.l, symbol of innovation, research and development, capable of enriching your spaces with its designs.


Flomar Stone s.r.l, is attempting to spread the culture of marble and the tradition that links this noble material to the history of our country.

Flomar Stone s.r.l brings a message of the beauty of the material to increasingly more important projects. The goal is to highlight the elegance and perfection that the marble exudes.